Large truck wheel cleaning tips

Today we have this big black GMC Denali and we need to make sure we get it clean. It’s a cool eighty degrees today so we wanna make this kind of fast. I’m going to start off with the wheels I’ll use a concours brush and some really good wheel cleaner. Then I’ll rinse the body and give it a nice foam down so we can make this process go a little easier. I’m a big guy I really don’t want to sweat too much so the foam is really going to make my life easy. Plus they finally made a mitt my size which is really awesome.

So lets get this started I’m going to continue by rinsing the wheels and then I’ll throw on some wheel cleaner. After that I’ll foam it up and I’ll start agitating with my brush to help get all the dirt off these wheels. After that we’ll go into foaming the entire vehicle.

Keep in mind very little product goes a long way it’s very concentrated and I’ll let this sit for a moment. I’ll get my foam ready I’m going to use Hybrid V07 soap because it gives really nice foam and personally I really like how it makes the wheels look. It almost gives it a just waxed look. So I’ll let that sit for a little bit to give it a chance to emulsify the dirt that is on the wheel.

I’m going to take precaution not to cause a sand paper effect by rubbing the dirt into the wheel. I’ll take my brush and get it wet with regular water and I’ll start rubbing. This is one of my favorite brushes because it’s really long and it gets into all the crevices super easily. Also it’s not too abrasive so I don’t have to worry about scratching anything. You can see that dirt is melting off. I’m not going to aggressive I’m just agitating the surface and letting the chemical do the work as well as the foam.

Just like that the rim is ready to be rinsed off. I’ll fire up my pressure washer and rinse this wheel off. Now that I knocked out wheel number one it’s time to move on to wheel number two, three and four. So now you can see we got the wheels done. We went ahead and we cleaned them safely using a really good wheel cleaner, foamed it, agitated it and rinsed it off.